I intend to know Love as the ground of my Being. Will you join me?


I AM an emmisarry for the universal awakening of unconditional Love and Joy.




Remebering our True Identies as Love is the name of the game on planet earth. To rediscover our Essence brings extraordinary freedom and joy. It is also the quickest way to return our planet and each other to wholeness. Yet it begins with me, with you. Will you join me in living as the embodiment of bliss and Love?


Why mastering Love:

I love love! For as long as I can remember, I have been focused on Love. Initially I looked for it where it could never be totally found, outside of myself. This site is intend to support us in returning to the only place Love can be absolutely found, within as our true nature, our state of being. Several decades ago I got a license plate holder that said " Choose love and set yourself free." My lisence is: 


I somehow knew it was the answer to all my questions. My quest to return to Love is an adventure that has taken me around the world twice and changed me from stem to stern. First I looked for it in all the places that could not ultimately fulfill me: relationships, lovers, a child, friendship, community before I fully got the only place I would find what I was really looking for was in the last place I had thought to look, within. My deepest vision for my life is to share that awareness and the gifts it brings with the largest audience possible so we all can remember ourselves as the beloved and return to the Love that we are and have always been.


Mastering Love: as Parents
Self Love